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Here are some images of Daniel's work for the film "The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe", by Andrew Adamson.   For more information about the film, visit the official website, http://www.narnia.com/

The lettering on the Stone Table was the job for which Daniel Reeve was brought onto the Narnia crew.   The brief here was to create an alphabet with a vaguely early Christian feel to it, but of course it couldn't be mistaken for any actual existing language.   This design, used in the film, was influenced by some text in The Book of Kells.

Stone Table lettering for the Narnia film, by Daniel Reeve

The Warrant for the Arrest of Mr. Tumnus, written by Maugrim the Wolf.   Numerous versions and different sizes preceded this final prop, which utilises hand-made paper.

Arrest Warrant for Mr. Tumnus, by Daniel Reeve

These maps lay on the table in the Witch's encampment, as she plots her attack.

Witch's maps for the Narnia film, by Daniel Reeve

The lettering on Father Christmas' toy sack.   And no, I don't know what it says - you'll have to ask Father Christmas...

Lettering for Father Christmas toy sack in Narnia, by Daniel Reeve

Peter's map, while planning the battle against the Witch.   This became the prototype for the eventual merchandising and publicity map.   In the film, this map was digitally replaced by...

Peter's map of Narnia, by Daniel Reeve

...the digital map used in the visual effects shot, with a flyover sequence where the map eventually morphs into the actual battleground.

VFX map for the Narnia film, by Daniel Reeve

Daniel also created the map of Narnia, shown below, which was used for merchandising and publicity.

Narnia map by Daniel Reeve